About Us

We want to spread love and inspire people by sharing stories of great leaders of world in the form of Burra Katha, Ancient South Indian Folk Art. Katha in telugu (south Indian language) means story, Burra katha is a story narration telling technique. In olden days when people had no access to TV and other forms of modern entertainment, Burra Katha used to be one of the most effective and widely used media of mass communication to talk about social issues or spread stories of great kings and leaders. So far, we have been narrating stories of 1) Dr. Martin Luther King, A famous Civil Rights leader, whose speeches motivated a generation to change their ideas and actions that were deemed unthinkable and of 2) Lord Rama of Hindu Religion, who is considered the embodiment and personification of all the great sixteen virtues and a role model as a son, brother, husband, ruler. All our works are protected by US and International Copy rights law.


January 13, 2019 North County Sankranthi event, Carlsbad
January 17,2019 Lake elementary school
March 16,2019 Vedic Cultural Event, Sandeigo
March 29,2019 Austin
March 30, 2019 Karya Sidhi Hanuman Temple, Frisco
March 31,2019 Plano, TX
April 6,2019 Holi at Flowers Field, Carlsbad
April 20,2019 Ugadi Ullasam, SANTA Sandeigo
April 23,2019 Manabadi MCF, Carlsbad